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Debris Disposal

Our clean-up experience on construction sites, commercial warehouses, shopping centers, residential homes and buildings has giving us the way to enter into any clean-up agreement and get the job done in a professional and dependable manner. Check out our price list below and give us a call today to schedule our services.





Trash Load


Labor & Dump Fees Included

Wood - Drywall - Cardboard - etc. 3.5 tons, Add. fees for extra tons

Mix Trash

$390.00 +

Labor & Dump Fees Included

Wood - Drywall - Roofing - Tile Add. fees for extra weight & labor

Heavy Loads


Labor & Dump Fees Included

Dirt - Concrete - Asphalt Can't be mix & Must be clean

Heavy Mix Load


Labor & Dump Fees Included

Concrete w/rebar or wire - Bricks Can be mix - no trash